$100/60 ~ $125/90 ~ $150/120

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

  • Melt away stress and tension with an intuitive blend of Swedish Massage techniques, featuring a range from light to firm pressure, with long, effective strokes. Whether you receive massage often or on occasion, this session will provide you with optimum relief from the stresses of the day. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

  •  A restorative treatment designed to affect tight, fatigued muscles and joints; working layer by layer through connective tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers, to create freedom of movement by releasing fascial adhesions and scar tissue which forms in muscles because of injury, chronic poor posture, chronic or acute inflammation and repetitive motions.  

Corporate Chair Massage

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

Corporate Chair Massage

  • Reduce workplace stress while improving productivity, morale and overall well-being with professional on-site chair massage.  Whether you provide massage regularly, just during “crunch” times, or as an employee appreciation treat, massage can really make a difference in productivity, job satisfaction, and health. 

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Corporate Chair Massage

  • Gift Certificates are a great way to say you care. If you know someone would benefit tremendously by receiving therapeutic massage, this can be the ticket to help get them to take action.   

Out Calls

Gift Certificates

Out Calls

  • Out calls and On-Site table sessions are available for Bay Area clients.



*$150 / 60 minutes. 

*$175 / 90 minutes.

*$200 / 120 minutes.

 *If using a package session or gift certificate, the difference will be due at the time of service.

About Me

In 2005, I earned my initial Massage License in Texas after attending The Academy of Healing Arts in Krum. I was fortunate enough to relocate to my dream state, California, in 2012, earning my CAMTC State of California Massage Certification in 2013. 

With nearly fifteen years of experience in massage, I have developed both a unique and practiced ability to successfully find sources of pain in the body and effectively work to release it. By utilizing various therapeutic relaxation tools and techniques based on the body’s mechanics in stillness and in motion, I practice with a deeper, more intuitive understanding of stress, tension and myofascial release.   

My goal and intent is to offer a positive experience through the application of therapeutic touch. I believe that no two bodies are the same; and that each body has the potential to benefit from the many valuable components of Therapeutic Massage.

Kyna Forbus, LMT / CMP 

CA Lic. No. 44329. 

ABMP Lic. No. 1150769.

Kind Words & Compliments


"Kyna was so absolutely amazing...!

Her level of care and technique was above and beyond. Her kindness and attention to my needs were met above my expectations."

"The best massage I've ever experienced...

Her ability to find my trouble spots I mention AND the ones I didn't even realize were there, is both a skill and a gift - and her hands are warm like her personality. Love her positive energy!"

"Actually listened to the client...

with respect to target areas. (smiley face)"

"This was my 1st massage with Kyna...

She has a warm and lovely personality, great massage techniques; and seems very knowledgeable. I will be happy to book more appointments with her."

"Kyna was amazing...

Great relaxing massage and very easy to talk to."

"The Best Sports Massages I've ever...

received are from Kyna. I'm an active cyclist and tennis player who's had massages from all over the world. She is truly noteworthy."


(650) 679~0552

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Kyna Forbus, LMT

501 Seaport Ct, #104 Redwood City, California 94063, United States

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